Thursday, May 01, 2008

Breaks in the Wind...

We have had a very windy week! The wind coupled with the dryness have ushered in an early fire season for us. I noticed that yesterday, our relative humidity at 7 a.m. was 8%! No wonder I'm starting to feel like a dried fruit!
We did have occasional breaks in the pounding gusts allowing me to run out and try to get a few photos of the happenings around here.
In the spring, we're in the flyway for these brown cattle egrets. When they show up it almost looks like a sea of ravens in the wetlands, but then you realize what "they" are, working the shallow waters for their dinners. Just as long as they leave a few crayfish for me I'm happy to share!
The above photo is of one of these busy birds in take off - I should have had the camera set for "Sports" and action shots, but he was moving so fast I didn't have time to think. Of course the reason he took flight was that I was stalking him.
Amanda: "Hey! I thought I only had two this year! Where did you other lambs come from? Where's your mother? Lacey, darn it...come and get your own children. I have enough to worry about with these two bruisers draining me dry every two minutes!"
Lacey: "Who? Me? See? I have my own lamb right here. Now where did I put that Jerry Lee?"
Pearl - Queen of the Sheep Beans!
And then there is Himself, you know. Always there. Always watching. I like to think Bran is watching over me, but I suspect it's more of a "What's Its got in it's pockets?" sort of thing.
And finally, a snap of my DH installing a new covering on the steering wheel of his Most Beloved 1953 Mercury he's been restoring. This car has been in his family since it came off the showroom floor. He's restoring it close to "original" to be a daily-driver. I know he can't wait until he can actually drive it to work someday. I just wish we had a garage or big barn so he could work inside out of the weather. He's dedicated to this vehicle to the point where I have seen him work in sun, wind, rain and snow. It makes me so thankful that my spinning and weaving/knitting/whatever equipment fit nicely in a a warm fire or furnace...out of the rain....
Of course I know that I do have to weather the elements to feed and care for the sheep, but I'm not outside all day doing that if the weather is bad. :) And I'm so glad he has something he loves doing. Honey-Do lists are one thing, but I am a firm believer in each person should have something they are passionate about in life. Something of their own.
I'm just very happy there's no room in the bed for Betty the Merc, or I'd have to move over and share!


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Nice shot of that egret! I would have missed all together!

Hey, I seem to remember you saying something in another post about your house being back in order, can I expect samples soon? :)

Kathy said...

You bet, Becky!

Sharon said...

Oh man, would your DH love Hot August Nights here. It's pretty fun, but then the car I drove to collage was a '57 Fairlane. I'm partial.

Talking about not being camera ready, I carry mine in the car every day and earlier this week, when my camera was IN THE BACK SEAT, a red-tailed hawk arose above from the dirt road about a half mile from the house and glided downwards toward the wetlands, with a huge gopher snake dangling from his talons. I couldn't get to my camera so just watched it, with the aching knowledge that I will never see anything like that ever again.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Hello Kathy! Or should I say fellow Ex~Kansan! I really liked it there and miss the beautiful countryside.
What pretty lambs were born to you this spring...little painted top is so sweet...wish he were a she:)
It is so good that your hubby has his automobile to tinker with...mine has one too, a 1941 Ford. I know how it is to share a man with a car! Indeed it is good to have a passion of one's own to keep our hands busy.
Thank you for your friendship and your visits. Sheep people are just the nicest folks and I have learned so much about sheep this past Sunday at church services on Maui.
Have a wonderful weekend surrounded by your furry and fuzzy Miss Peach

Tammy said...

Hi Kathy,
Would you like for me to send you some of our 81% humidity to soften things up a bit? :-) Thanks for the random shots and thoughts today, it was fun to read.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Me thinks your DH needs to take a break from Betty to take on a couple of building projects - a shop for Betty and a barn addition for all the sheep he wants to keep! hee!