Monday, May 05, 2008

Calling All Doctors (PhD, that is!)

It is with great parental proudness that I announce that my Beautiful, Talented, Smart, Hard-Working, (oh, I could go on and on) daughter, Kelly, JUST PASSED THE DEFENSE OF HER DOCTORAL THESIS!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!
We just got the call from Herself letting us know that she passed her oral defense and accomplishing something very rare - she received a "Pass Without Corrections" which is a very rare accomplishment! Can you tell we're proud? I am actually typing this upside-down as I am on the ceiling I'm so delighted for her. I know just how hard she's worked to get this doctorate. In a couple of weeks, when the thesis is printed and bound (published) she can be called "Dr." at that point. But I'm going to call her Dr. starting right now.
I can hardly think of what to write in this blog entry 'cause I'm so excited for my Darling Daughter. I don't know whether to cry or shout it out! Right now I'm doing both! WA-HOO!!!!!

Congratulations, Dr. Atkinson! I only wish I were there to give you the biggest hug a mother could give her daughter. You deserve this. Your Dad and I know just how hard you've worked for this! And we also know how glad the other Dr. Atkinson is to have his wife back again instead of writing all the time!

I love you, Kelly! YOU GO, GIRL! The Sky is the limit! And the World is yours!

NOTE: Kelly's official "title" is she's a "Protein Biochemist". Her Thesis is titled: Proteomic Biomarker Discovery for Preeclampsia.

If you'd like to visit her blog, click on the link at the side.

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Leigh said...

Oh gosh, what wonderful news. Please pass on my congratulations for a job exceptionally well done!

Holly said...

Way cool, congratulations. What was the title of her dissertation? (dying of curiosity)

ps I keep showing my mom pictures of Skittles and his tire. She loves him.

Tina T-P said...

Way to go Kelly - Way to go Mom! What a great Mother's day present for you :-) T.

nursedragon said...

Congratulations to Kelly, Kathy and Ralph! I always knew Kelly would be very successful and go far! Well done, Kelly - woo hoo!

Val said...

We are thrilled to bits for her to that it is all over and I will give her that big hug for you when I see her,I know it will not be the same but I will tell her it is from you. The other Dr Atkinson's family is so proud of her as well and know how hard she has worked

Sharon said...

What a wonderful moment and what a great event for Mom.

Nancy K. said...

You SHOULD be proud! You raised her!