Monday, July 21, 2008

Dora and Pippi Off To Their New Home!

Our friends, Melanie and her hubby, Mark, have taken possession of the two kittens they fell in love with two months ago. A-Dora-ble Dora, the Explorer and her sister, Pippi Longstockings, have gone off to live down the road from us. Bless Mel for keeping me posted on how the girls are doing.
I have known Mel for 20+ years now. She always treats her animals well and is the kind of person who doesn't take a bond with a pet lightly. Her cats (that I have known) have lived for 18 years or better, at an average. I know Mel considers an animal as a life-long friend and doesn't take on an animal as a whim. She, and Mark, will give Dora and Pippi the best of their hearts. I couldn't ask for better.
Even though I know all this, it was hard to see the girls go. They were my favorites. Dora reminded me so much of our caretaker/snoopervisor cat, April. We lost April in '05 after 19 years. Dora has her same "This is my World and you are here but to serve my every desire! Now fetch me that treat!"

Dora, the Explorer

Pippi is much shyer than her sister, but still can be very loving. And she has the look of wisdom on her face. She knows things...ancient things...secret things.

Miss Pippi Longstockings

The Happy "New" Mom and Dad

The girls are joining a family already consisting of two dogs and two older cats. When Mel's first report was that Pippi was just scared and shaking while held on Mel's lap, it was all I could do to stop from running over to bring her home. If it had been anyone else, I would have. But I know Mel will take good care of the girls. I trust her (and Mark) to love them as much as I do(did).
Being close has its advantages...I got to visit with them today! They both seemed to remember me. (Well, has only been three days) :) It did my heart good to see them ruling the roost - at least while the dogs were outside. And Mel's old one-eyed cat Fred came in and nuzzled both girls. I think we'll have to call him "Uncle Fred" now. He seemed to genuinely like the kittens. And they liked him.
So, now we have two kittens left...and if someone fell in love with Daisy May (aka Mama Cat) we'd consider placing her as well. Don't be alarmed. If we don't find suitable homes they will be staying with us. We had pretty much decided to keep Daisy. She's a very friendly cat. She just needs to temper her playing a bit as I do not appreciate her grabbing my hand and mouthing it like she would one of her kittens. This could also be referred to as "biting". She doesn't do it hard enough to break the skin, but she's got to learn to settle down a bit. She comes when called and is really very affectionate. I think she'll settle down more when she's stopped nursing her remaining kittens.Right now, the boys may only get a taste of nursing. She tolerated Dora but seems to not let the boys nurse as she did the girls.
And we've decided to find a home where both the boys could go together. It's really been a blessing to have the other kittens go as pairs to keep each other company.
Rascal says: "I'm staying here! I like it right here where I'm appreciated for the Cat that I am. And I like having my brother, Groucho, to boss around. Who needed those girls anyway?"

Don't worry, would have to be a VERY, VERY special family to be graced by yours and Groucho's presence. Yessiree...VERY special indeed!


Tina T-P said...

What's not to love about a kitten - that's why I stay a million miles away from them!! Looks like you've been having fun taking pictures too. :-) T.

Leigh said...

Yay for Dora and Pippi's new home! Very happy news indeed.

Sharon said...

What is it about cats anyway? It took forever for Ian to agree to having cats, and now we're vet-ordered to stop at Charlie. I could be a great crazy cat lady.

I need orange said...

It was a very lucky day for this whole family when the mama decided to bide under your deck.......

Tammy said...

You are doing the right thing, Kathy, even though, I know it's so very hard. How are the girls adjusting? By thinning out the 'flock' of cats, you will make the quality of life better for the rest of them and yourself (more individual attention etc.). That said, though, if I had a bigger house, I'd probably have at least two more kitties, as they are so much fun, and of course a HUGE help with everything.(not) :-) It's wonderful that the girls are living close by too. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...
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