Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poor L'il Rascal!

I haven't been feeling too well lately. Mom took Mooch (who used to be called Groucho, but he told Mom he didn't like that name so picked Mooch out instead...)and me to the v-e-t two days ago. She said they were going to "fix" us, but I didn't think we were broken. Mom pushed us into a thing called a PTU which I think stands for: Prisoner Transport Unit, then we went to see Dr. Rob. We've seen him before and all he's ever done was check us over and give us a sharp thing called a "shot" then we came home.
But this time Mom left us there! Aunt Kim, Dr. Rbo's helper, gave us a shot then we both started to get very sleepy! I couldn't keep my eyes open. All I could think about was why wasn't Mom here taking us back home to Mama? And I was so very hungry and thirsty 'cause there was no food or water out for us last night.
The next thing I knew I woke up with my tummy hurting so much. Mooch's tummy wasn't naked at all, only mine. It hurt to move. It hurt so much I didn't even want to think about food or water or even playing. Mom made us stay in our room. She kept the room dark and quiet and checked on me all night long.
I am doing better today. Mom fed us warmed canned food last night and I was so hungry I ate 'til my tummy stopped talking to me. I'm still not wanting to play with Mama, Uncle Shadow, or even Mom and Dad, but I feel better after each nap I take.
I'm going to take another nap now, so Mom said she wanted to talk to you all and tell you what happened while I was asleep at Dr. Rob's...

(I had taken both Rascal and Mooch in for neutering on Tuesday morning. Mooch's surgery went just fine, but when Rob started in on Rascal, he found that Rascal had only one descended testicle. That being the case, Rascal was then immediately prepped for abdominal surgery for removal of the remaining testicle. Much to Rob's surprise, he could find no other testicle in Rascal - he said he looked and looked but there was absolutely nothing...not even a hint of a second testicle. We will watch Rascal closely as he grows for any signs of typical tomcat behavior. If he does exhibit the signs of an intact male cat, he'll go back in for surgery. If not, it will become apparent that he only had one to begin with.) don't you go ahead and sleep all you want. We've all got your "6" Little Buddy...sweet dreams. :)

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Nancy K. said...

Awww! Poor Rascal. He is SO pretty!

Feel better soon, handsome boy...

Tina T-P said...

Oh, poor Lil' Rascal - Hope you get to feelin better soon.

XOX T, The Shepherd, Sinda and all the critters on the farm.

Tammy said...

Poor Rascal--when I saw the shaved belly, I was beginning to think that 'he' was a 'she'! Boone had the same problem with the 'lost testicle', except the vet finally found his waaay up in this belly. He ended up with about a 16 inch incision. I hope Rascal gets to feeling better soon, poor little fellers. They are both so beautiful...and LUCKY their Momma picked you.

Kathy said...

I just hope it doesn't come to "spraying" before we track down the Missing Link. Rob said he actually traced the vas deferens to the end but nothing was there. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he only had one.

And tonight he started playing a bit which is a good sign of recovery. :)

melanie said...

I'm reminded of a friend who once had twin orange tabby kittens amongst a few others, and she took them to be "fixed" in two batches. Who went when was based on who she could catch in the morning of the appointment day.

Well, she got the call from the vet mid-day of the second vet trip about the male twin with un-descended testicles, and the necessity of abdominal surgery, and the extensive search for the items in question, the rareness of such a condition, the need for careful observation of behavior over the next few months, and the need to keep the kitty overnight for observation due to the extensive nature of the surgery.

She was worried, of course, but it all turned to sheepishness when she returned home that night to discover the other twin tabby curled up on the sofa - testicles very intact. She had sent the first twin to the vet TWICE.

Carolina Trekker said...

Glad you will be keeping an eye on Rascal in the months ahead. We had a kitten neutered at 12 weeks & didn't keep an eye on him. He had the same surgery as Rascal. We assumed he was fixed & that was that. Sometime after he reached a year old he became Ferrel & was a Tazmanian Devil. He attacked us and our other cats. We thought he would outgrow this behavior, but he didn't. Our vet discovered a second testical & removed it, but it was too late. He always remained Ferrel & sprayed urine in our house & continued to attack our other cats. If we handled him he bit us. We finally had to have him put to sleep. It was a Heartbreaking Lesson learned the hard way.