Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Real Snow

The other day we had our first real snow - one that stuck on the ground for more than ten minutes. The day before, all of the animals here, myself included, were restless and tempermental. Little did I know that my reason for such mind-set was I was coming down with a cold-thing that has seemed to stick around and taken my voice to some other place for hiding.
I did get out to snap a few photos of the "dusting" the trees received. I only wish it had been more in accumulation as we really need the moisture.
Above is an offering to the ewes. They absolutely love pumpkins this time of year. Each day I try to give them a treat of a pumpkin sacrificed to the sheep-gods/goddesses lest I be made to endure the wrath of the ewes for no goodies. No, my sheep are not spoiled.
I love the frosty days of this time of year. It is my most favorite time. I just wish this stupid cold will make a decision to either stay and really have it out with me, or go away. My hope is the latter.
On other notes, I have been experiencing my computer's decline from old age. Geez...I hope this is not a portent of upcoming trends in my life! :) (I plan to go unwillingly and fighting all the way!) I am still able to send and receive emails, but I have started looking at new computers instead of just replacing bits and pieces of this one. While part of me loves new gadgets and electronics, the other part of me knows full well that as soon as I buy a new computer, it will become obsolete. It's just like driving a new car off the lot - immediate devaluation.
The big news and bonus of the week has been finding out that my DD is having a girl next month! I was sitting last night thinking of all the joys (and some pains) mine brought me. No one should ever underestimate the bond between a mother and a daughter. Ours was and is a very strong one. I can only wish the same blessing for my daughter as the blessing she brought into my life.
And no, Kel...I won't over-do the "Pink"-thing that little girls seem to go through. But you have my word that I will, most definitely, over-do the "Sheep"-thing. There may come a day when I'm about 97 that my sheep may just need a new shepherdess. :)


melanie said...

Congrats, Grandma! What beautiful photos - just glad it's not us in NY yet!

Sharon said...

Oh man, too bad about the cold and just when you get that lovely snow. My grandma used to say, if you don't take care of your cold, it will drage on for a whole week but if you take care of it you can rid of it in seven days.

Ian was interested in your pumpkins - had to show him the picture.

I know altogether too well what you're saying about daughters. Mine put me through my paces, but now she's the dearest woman in my life. Lucky you - granddaughters are the best!

Kara said...

Congrats grandma! I guess I didn't expect you to get a real snow before we did. Keep warm and I hope you feel better.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hey Chica, congratulations on the forthcoming granddaughter!!! Sorry about the computer and cold; hope you can get both resolved soon. I hate the learning curve with the upgraded software that always seems to come with new computers.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

All I can say is 'brrrrrrr'! And get better soon :)

Wrensong Farm said...

Yes! Congrats grandma! Loved the pic of the "offerings"!

Mim said...

Get well soon! The future with a new little granddaughter should help you. Bet you can't wait to see her.