Sunday, January 11, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

I thought I would post a few photos of what all the holiday storms left us around the place. I would have posted them sooner but between working through the storms - shoveling, making trails out to the sheep, splitting wood for the woodburner as well as keeping it going as the heater went out, then trying to get to the roof to keep it clear. Add to that all my excitement of the new granddaughter and concern my DD was OK.
I will admit it did take its toll on me. I started to have skipped heartbeats and heart pounding way too hard for my taste, sending me to our doctor who then stated I was doing way too much. I got the "You're doing way to much, you Fool!" speech from the doctor and I knew she was right. She then told the DH that, for this year at least, no shoveling, plowing, etc. for either one of us. When I mentioned the tractor was down as well as the Hired-Hand-With-Benefits she just said, "Good! Now you'll have to find someone to plow you out!" If there is one person I don't want to piss-off it's our family Dr. :)

So, we hired people...
(Above) The barn and driveway before plowing.
I don't think we'll see the BBQ or Smoker until Spring. And that pile on the back deck was before we had guys come to shovel off the roof!
Bringing in the Big One out into the pasture so I can get feed in to the sheep. I had enough feed to get through the storms, but for some reason the sheep insisted I continue to feed them. Funny that. :) Can you say "Reseeding the pasture"?
The girls on an outing from the barn. They don't like it that they are standing on two feet of compacted snow. And they want to go back in. Silly girls! Get some sunshine while you can!

Tucco, the Mule. Tucco is boarding at our neighbor's place and has taken to hang out near the Boys pen for company as he's by himself.

Now that the snows have subsided and the weather is turning nicer so we have mudpools and muck everywhere, it's time to prep for my DH's surgery this next week. I've loaded the barn with hay and feed, there's another cord of wood out back, and the walks are clear. I feel better about not having to worry about those things as well as my DH. I guess there's only one thing to worry about now... the heck am I supposed to have him around the house for 6 to 8 weeks, recovering and keep my sanity? ;-)


Tina T-P said...

hubby around the house recovering - hmm - been there, done that, I think I got a T Shirt out of the deal - Give him a phone with an intercom so you don't have to go running every time he squeaks and you'll do fine. T.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Glad to hear from you again, I will be thinking about you, keep your chin up :)

Franna said...

Sounds like you have a sensible Doc. Good to keep those around - and follow orders! Thanks for passing along the advice. It's always puzzling why I/we can't do the same things that were so easy only 10 (20??) years ago.

...sounds like DH needs to learn to spin and knit. ;-)
- Franna

Kara said...

I am glad your doctor got you in line. That snow is impressive. Best of luck to both of you during the surgery and recovery.

Tammy said...

Glad to see an update Kathy, although it sounds like you have been overwhelmed. I'm glad your Doc forbade you to shovel snow and you got the 'big guns' in. I'll be praying for you guys in the next few weeks. Keep us posted. I wish I lived next door to you, so I could help you out a bit!
Take care,

Claire said...

Brrrr! Looks just about as chilly there as it is here. We are presently having a blizzard so I know how you feel. For some reason, the llamas decide to stay outside in it. Crazy critters! Hope all goes well on the surgery.

Sharon said...

I'm *so* glad we don't have the kind of snow that you do - sheesh. Good girl, listening to your doctor, but boy oh boy, do you have a lot on your plate. I sure don't envy you the thaw and puddles.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I agree with Franna - you need to teach hubby to knit! Hand him some yarn, needles, and The Sweater Workshop.... :-)

melanie said...

I see Franna and Michelle beat me to it - teach the man to knit!

Sharrie said...

Hope all goes well with the surgery. The recovery could very well be a trial for you. Been there, speak from experience. Good luck!