Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still Kickin'...

Ewes coming off Snow Mountain in the pasture

Yes, I know it's been a while since I posted. The past two weeks have been horrendous around here. As many of you know, my Hired-Hand-With-Benefits went into the hospital for surgery for an aneurysm on the artery to his spleen. Unfortunately, the location of this Nasty-ness was such that his spleen had to be removed as well. The past couple of months (we found this out at Thanksgiving) have been trials of various medical tests and the like to make sure he was in good enough shape to handle the surgery.
Somehow the whole ordeal reminded me of the Albino in The Princess Bride telling poor Wesley that he had to be healthy to face torture. I understand it fully, however sordid it seemed. After all, if I were a surgeon I'd want to know that various other body parts could indeed take the strain of a major surgical procedure.
So, last Thursday HHWB went in. And Sunday morning he came home. He was up walking the halls the day after the surgery and from then on I believe he was driving the nurses crazy with his jaunts around the place. Home he went. Now he's driving me crazy. (He states that driving me crazy is so easy anyway.)
While he's doing really well, he has also realized that this is no cakewalk. Before the surgery, he had told me he was going to an office luncheon this coming Thursday. Yesterday I overheard him telling a cohort he would not be attending. I laughed, silently.
In the past, when I have had surgeries, this dear HHWB has always felt that if I was able to walk to the kitchen, I was healed and "Good to go!". It didn't matter if I was white, grey, red, or purple in the face or body...I was moving. I was OK, then back to work he'd merrily go. Now, I have to admit that my Evil-Self is delighted the shoe is on the other foot. Let him see what it's like. heeheehee

The evening of the day he had his surgery, I came home late after seeing him settled in a proper room and not on the dreaded "3-North" floor of the hospital (a terrible floor where I had very bad experiences in 2007). I thought I would just have a bowl of cereal for dinner, then shower, watch some TV to relax, then to bed. The first spoonful of cereal I had was sour. Yup. The refrigerator we had bought back in '88 had finally died...and taken all the perishables with it. Our local repair-guys, whom we've used for years, passed sentence on the ole gal - new compressor for about $600+. We decided not to have her fixed but get a new one instead. The poor thing has been sying a s-l-o-w death for the past two years.
So, today, I was going refrigerator shopping. HHWB decided that he wanted to come along. OK. I guess. Maybe the walking would do you good and get you out of the house. Off we went. We checked out Home Depot, Best Buy, and our local Sears, finding a suitable replacement which will be delivered Saturday. They have to get it here from their Phoenix warehouse. All the stores had to get items from Phoenix instead of having a local supply. So, Saturday we'll be back to some semblance of normal around here - whatever "normal" is. I think I've forgotten.
Towards the end of the short shopping trip (we don't have huge stores or selections to peruse here) I noticed a definite slacking in my companion's gait. heeheehee He was wearing out. Home we went where he took his pain meds and napped for two hours.

That'll teach 'im!... :)


Sharrie said...

Glad to hear the positive health report.

P.S. --It must be a guy thing.

You know what I mean. But...just cuz you "teached 'im" don't mean he learned.

Nancy K. said...

I'm so glad to know that things are getting back to 'normal' at Sheep Thrills!

Tina T-P said...

Well at least it's cold so you can keep some perishables out side?

I had a great day - watching the whole show - set the VCR in the bedroom to record the event so Mr. Park could watch it this evening - I planned a nice salmon dinner and we watched everyone coming out of the little door, it all the way up til Diane Fienstein was introducing Aretha Franklin and all of a sudden it switched to the parade! I had rewound the recording to watch a bit then forgetting that I did that RECORDED OVER THE WHOLE FRICKING CEREMONY with the stupid parade. I am so bummed out I can hardly stand it. Can't believe I did that. Maybe it will come out on DVD...except I don't have one hooked up to the TV and He refuses to watch things on the computer.
:-( T.

Tammy said...

Great to see a new post Kathy, I'm so happy for you and relieved that things are going well. You sound so much better. I know the last few months have been so hard. I love your stories of how the HHWB isn't quite up to the level he expected. They called me the 'breathing machine and forced walks Nazi' after Mom's heart surgery, while she was still in the hospital. :-) I was after her like clockwork, poor thing, to do the things she needed to recover well. Fortunately she doesn't remember much from that period of time. ha
Take care,

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Glad it all went well, good to hear from you again :)

Mim said...

Sounds like things are doing better. Now when will you be going to visit your granddaughter?

Leigh said...

Oh dear, sounds like you've had a bad time of it. Hopefully there were plenty of kitty purrs to make up for even a little of it.

Sharon said...

Refrigerator aside, all I can say is "phew" - picture the wiping of the brow. You both need some sofa with kitty time. I highly recommend its healing properties.