Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Grand Trip...Part Deux

I have had a really hard time deciding which photos to post from our trip. There are so many good ones! I just had to share a few more of the family before we move on to the next post...
For this trip to New Zealand we decided just to concentrate on visiting family and resting. It has only been a little over two months since my DH's surgery. He would be filled with energy at times, other times just running low and "out of gas". Most of all, I believe our spirits really needed to refresh themselves...and not only from the DH's surgery, but from a very hard winter. I was physically (and mentally) exhausted from all the snowstorms and the work they entailed: shoveling, splitting wood, feeding the wood stove when the furnace acted up at the end of January, and the anguish we both felt not being able to be in New Zealand to welcome Gwen or to help the Kids around the house during the last part of Kelly's pregnancy as we had hoped to do.
Being with all the family was worth every mile of that long flight over. :)

Kelly introducing Gwen as we arrived with the morning's light

"Who is this Grandma person and why is she calling me her 'Little Shepherdess'?"

"Alright, Gramps...pull my finger!"
Having a chat while waiting for the ferry from Devonport back to Auckland while "the kid" has my camera
Ross and Kelly's first attempts at their newly acquired Wii Guitar Hero band. They named their virtual band "Attention Shoppers".

My buddy, Sam the Cat, whom I tried to spoil

The look out the back off the deck. The tallest tree in the background is a Norfolk Island pine.

The two pictures above are of a Mandevilla vine growing on the deck. It was absolutely breathtaking and a welcome change to see its cheery color after our winter white at home.
Sam sunning under the Pohutukawa Tree
One amazing, happy family! (even if Gwen was getting a bit grumpy...)

Next post...riding the Nihotupu Tramline with Val and Hugo through the New Zealand bush!


Leigh said...

What absolutely wonderful photos. It sounds like a wonderful trip. Your granddaughter is just precious!

Tammy said...

You guys have had a very stressful year, and I'm glad you finally got to take the time to 'refresh' and most of all be with your family and new grandbaby..and get a break from 'chores'. Take care of yourself.