Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A New Chapeau for an Old Gal

The past couple of weeks have been crazy around Oleo Acres. Well, what else is new? As soon as we returned from our trip to New Zealand, we had two horrid windstorms here, each taking bits and pieces of the roof shingles and paper with them. I had forgotten just how unnerving listening to the wind rip your home apart could be. We were stationed in Kansas for seven years. Those years saw many times when the wind tore through our housing area, downing trees and brush while leaving our WWII brick quarters standing tall. Many a time a hot meal was left on the table as we scrambled out the door to the basement stairs when the tornado warning sirens alerted us to oncoming storms, Ralph with Kelly in his arms and me with a "Survival Bag" of necessary items and the cat(s) held tight in my arms.
We knew it was almost time to have a new roof put on. We'd had water damage from snow and ice storms the previous winter of '07-'08. Now the wind was finishing off the other parts of the roof toward the south side where the weather hits us. It was time to bite the bullet, with the aid of our insurance company. Not only was the roof damaged, but we saw sections of the privacy fence by our garden flattened as well. It looks like it will be a busy summer here.
After tearing off the old shingles and roofing paper, the contractor laid down a waterproof membrane along the edge of the roof and up the valleys where we normally see ice dams form. Then all was covered with roofing paper, a new drip edge and here you see a few photos of the shingles going on.
We decided while the new roof is going on to add a few sun tube, or solar tubes, to the package to brighten areas of the house we thought could use some extra brightening: one in the kitchen, one in the hallway to our bedroom, and the final one in the stairwell to the basement. A friend in town had some installed in her abode when a new roof was put on and they made such a difference we couldn't pass this opportunity by.

One delight is that my Coffee plant (above) and my citrus (lime, below) are blooming! The front sunroom is fragrant with the smell of blossoms!

Another wonderful happenstance was that we found out we had more property than we thought! The county has bought our neighbor's place. they will tear down her house and add that land to the wetlands they own behind us. That being the case , what with the county about to take possession of said property, they had their surveyors come out to stake the true property lines. On our walk around the house this evening we both agreed that this weekend we need to move our railroad ties and rocks over to the line. (And yes, the county would love to have us sell to them as well as they would love to add our stream in their property, but we're not selling to anyone until Ralph retires - and prices go back up a bit. ;)

I'm just sorry I don't have any pictures of lambs to share with you this year. Then again, with everything that's been going on here with surgeries, trips, and roofs...well, maybe that was a good idea not to breed last fall after all.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

How nice! Not many of us get FEWER neighbors; I know here, we just keep getting MORE, with their yappy dogs and screaming kids!

I recently bought a little coffee plant as a houseplant (and put it in the pretty pot that one of the orchids from you came in!). Didn't know they bloom; I've just been enjoying its pretty, glossy foliage and the knowledge that it is supposed to be a good "air cleaner."

Glad to see you are getting a new, improved roof. As for lambs, they sure don't stay little for long!

Kelly said...

I'd never heard the word "chapeau" before. Thanks for educating me!

I love the pictures of the new roof. Thanks for posting them and keeping us all up to date.

Our lime tree sucks.

Tina T-P said...

Your house will look very spiffy with it's new hat - and I know you will LOVE the Solar tubes - a friend has them and they are just wonderful! Hugs to the BonzoBoys from all here at the farm. XOX T.

Tammy said...

Always something it seems, but once the new roof is done, that will be another big project off the 'list'. I had mine done about 4 years ago and it's metal (which is very popular in this area)and I'm hoping it lasts forever! ;-) That is so cool that you have wetlands for neighbors! We had new neighbors move in and they drive me nuts, and they aren't even next door! I have nosey neighbors right next to me too, but they are of the four legged bovine kind, and don't say much--just line the fence and stare. ;-)

Sharon said...

So in the end, it's going to be better, but you've got a little ways to go. I have friends with those light tubes and they're a teriffic addition.