Friday, June 05, 2009

Wool Gathering, er, Selling

Colin says:
The Shepherdess said she was going to sell our wool tomorrow! She kept singing, "Yes, Sir, yes, Sir...three bags full..." around the barn this afternoon as she took big black bags with our beautiful fleece in them from the shed to the barn she lives in. She said she was leaving me in charge! Woo-Hoo!
We just can't figure out what this big, pink ball is for. As she gave it to us she said it would keep us busy while she was gone. Geez...we have plenty to do around this place. Who needs a big, pink ball?
Skittles chimes in:
Hey! She didn't give me anything but a few cookies tonight! Where's my ball? Don't I get a ball?

Shaun adds:
Don't look now, Guys. I think Ole and Sven just killed the ball before the Shepherdess even left! I think I hear my mother calling me. See ya...


nursedragon said...

Back to work, boys! Since there was nearly bloodshed as buyers competed with each other to snatch up your fleeces, I'd say you have a certain amount of job security.

Leigh said...

Ha ha, too cute! Great shots and I love that ball.

Juliann said...

We gave one of those balls to our rams before to play with. I won't to into what they did with it, though!
(Think blow up doll...)