Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Know How To Siesta In Arizona

It's been hot here. Even for us way up in the mountains...it's been hot. So hot that even the cats have taken to summer siestas in the midday heat:
Rascal knows how to really relax...as well as block out the incoming air from the open window. Yes, he really is that big! He's going to be a huge cat. Right now he and Mooch are 1 year old gangly teenagers who are bottomless pits when it comes to food. Now I know how my mother felt trying to keep up with my 6'4" brother who never seemed to be filled up.
Mooch lays low in the Crow's Nest of the cat-tree. Why he gets up high where it's warmer I'll never understand. He doesn't move for hours in the heat, but seems to enjoy himself nonetheless.
Daisy, sound alseep and snoring to boot. She's obviously exhausted from keeping Mooch and Rascal in line.
And HRH The Princess Europa takes advantage of no one else being in the box to take her nap.

Move over guys...I think it's time for me to start slowing down during the heat of the day as well. Maybe we should get a Kiddie Pool for some Water Sports? I know Mooch would love it as he's always playing in the waterbowls anyway!


Leigh said...

They look so comfy....maybe I'll join them. :)

Catzee said...

Hey efurrykitty! Wake up! It's time to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!

Tina T-P said...

They look like I feel this evening - find me a place in a cool breeze for a nap. But no time for naps when there are beans to put up. 2 pkgs of purple pole beans blanched and into the freezer. T.

Mim said...

Same thing here too hot! I'm always filling water bowls.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Whats it getting up to? We are hitting 100+ every day now, Im missing the rain :)