Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No Wonder You Have Kids When You're Young...

...'cause when you get older, you need a break now and then. :)

Yes, I'm still here. It has been three whirlwind, crazy, busy, beautiful, weeks around Oleo Acres. Our daughter and granddaughter were here to spend three weeks with us! WooHoo! While the original intent was to see Miss Julie before she passed, Kelly still came over to go with us to a neighborhood get-together in her memory. While she was here, we made use of her wondrous abilities to: have her help me get my new (on my lap as I write this) laptop computer up, running and connected up; set up a server for all the computers in the house (which backs up all the computers' files every night so we'll not lose anything again), clean out the office with a fine-tooth comb (something Hizzoner hates to do because he can not throw anything away); eat lots of Mexican food with us; and share her daughter gracefully with two beaming grandparents. I don't think Gwen's feet hit the ground while she was here. We loved it!
Truthfully, we did come to realize that having a baby around illustrated just how much older we've become. We're not ancient by any means, but I know I could tell that bending, carrying, car-seating, buckling anything Gwen was in to actually keep her in, and going-going-going all the time did take me down a notch or two. I loved it!
Here's just a few of the pictures I took:
Best Friends. Grandpa and Me

OK, Pixel...You're In For It Now!
"Who? Me?"
Ninja Warrior Baby? -or- Up-and-Coming Pool Shark?

Along with everything else going on, I have been finalizing something for Sheep Thrills Farm. I haven't really wanting to say anything yet, thinking it would jinx everything, but I am working out an exchange of sorts. It looks like Skittles will be heading for Colorado. A fellow Shetland breeder and someone appreciative of quality rams, Mr. Jared Llyod of Jehovah-jireh Sheep and Cattle LLC. , was very interested in Skittles. Would I be willing to exchange Skit for one of his rams? Jared knew I needed some new genetics and had a number of candidates for me to choose from.
While logic dictates this is a no-brainer, I have to admit that I will really miss my buddy, Skit. With the exception of breeding season when he takes on the appearance and personality of a shark in a feeding frenzy (I swear, those eyes of his would roll back in his head if a ewe in season was anywhere near), Skit has always been a big teddy-bear.
I hesitate to make friends with any ram, espousing a more "ToughLove" approach as my friend Lois, of Stonehaven Farm, calls it. Skit and I respect each other, but that never stopped him from asking for his tail to be scratched or that spot between his shoulders rubbed a bit when I let him out to pasture. He always gives me a look to say, "Thank you.", then goes on his way. Apparently, he believes this is a duty that every shepherdess must provide when asked nicely.
It was only when Jared promised that Skittles would be used for breeding, then when he's older, he'd be retired to a pasture with another of Jared's beloved rams to live out his days. Skit will have more ewes, plus have a larger place to roam. He deserves that and it's something that I cannot provide on our small place. So, I said yes. Soon Jared will arrive to pick up Skittles and deliver two ram lambs, one of them sired by a ram from Shetland. Yesterday the veterinarian came out to examine Skit and fill out his Health Certificate for travel. He's ready to go and fit for this year's breeding season. And I will miss him.

I don't know if he realizes it or not, but I will have to explain to Jared how important having a "Tire Toy" will be for Skittles.
...I so hope there's room for one in that new pasture.


Kate said...

Good Morning! Are you the Kathy that wrote on my visualstpaul blog re. my visit to Washington Island? I'd love to chat with you re. your connection to the Island!! My email address is on my profile on my blog. Oh, what the heck, I'll put it here: mura.kate@gmail.com

Kim Nikolai said...

You have a beautiful grand daughter! I know what you mean about feeling it when hauling them around! I have a new grand son who is now 5 weeks old. It's work to lug every thing!

Tammy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful, precious time with your daughter and granddaugther, and I know you feel blessed. She is sure a cutie. :-)
As for Skittles....I know it's very hard for you to do this, but I think it might be time to let the regal boy go out and do what he was meant to do....create more beautiful Skittle babies. Once he settles in he will be pretty happy I think. As crazy as it seems they seem to like to have other rams around to hang out with, plus having a harem at breeding season. Still....I know what you are going through. I have seven leaving in the next two weeks, and it's so hard to see them go..esp. some of them.
Take care,

Theresa said...

Oh beautiful Grand daughter and such good pictures you've shared!
Oh gosh, it's just so hard to let them go isn't it? Any of them. Skittles will no doubt enjoy his new digs and how fun it will be to get to know the two new boys coming to town!

Mim said...

Good going! I'm sure Jareds rams in your breeding program will be awesome. Your granddaughter is a real jewel!!!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Beautiful girl!
I can understand your reluctance to let Skittles go, I would feed the same way about Carmine.
Dont know if you've read my blog lately, if you have you know Im going to be a grandma, and I wanted to share; we found out its a girl :)

Sharon said...

Youe granddaughter is absolutely adorable. I love the first shot of her back. Babies necks are sweetness and innocence.

Good news on the sheep swap for all involved - congratulations. By any chance was Skittles a bottle baby or was he just naturally affectionate. One of the wethers we got from Mim is like that.

Michelle said...

TWO ram lambs? Sounds like maybe you are thinking long-term, using them on each other's daughters? Or are you going to watch and see who matures better and use just one?

That shot of Gwen with the stick is priceless! Pool shark, definitely.

Leigh said...

What a doll baby! Lucky you!

Sounds like a good deal for Skittles, and for you. And trades are always helpful.