Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Pay The Ransom...

...I'm still here. It's just been a couple of crazy/odd/busy weeks around Oleo Acres. I have to admit that lately I haven't been on the computer much or when I have been "on", I haven't felt like being very creative.
This summer saw a couple of health problems pop up for both my Hired-Hand-With-Benefits and myself. My DH developed a HUGE incisional hernia requiring surgery which he underwent last Friday. Today he had an appointment with the surgeon to have the drain placed at the time of surgery removed. I remember thinking it was so much longer than I ever imagined as the surgeon snipped the stitches keeping it in place, then drew it out all the way. Eww! Unfortunately the stitches stay in until next week.
Now, my hubby has a GoreTex mesh patch (made here in Flagstaff) holding things together. Yes, it was that big. His original scar was about 8 inches long. Now it's about 10 inches long. Those of you who have seen the movie Total Recall might remember the character called "Quatto", a mutant being living in the stomach of a "host". We named the hernia Quatto.
Now Hizzoner has to strap on a "binder" to, in reality, hold things together and in place while his body knits tissue into this mesh. He calls it a girdle, but I've never seen any girdle look or act like this. Today the surgeon said Hizzoner could remove the binder for sleeping but if he needs to get up to go to the bathroom, to be sure to strap himself back in it. If it were me, I'd just wear it all the time. I hope he does. I don't think either one of us want to see him go through this again.

As for me, I was diagnosed in August with thyroid problems. the words "thyroid cancer" have been bantered about by a couple of doctors, but as things with the thyroid can be slow, I've had to wait and have occasional scans done to monitor the situation.
What I find strange, but logical, is that the function of the thyroid is totally different than this problem of fast growing, questionable nodule/growths'. You can have a beautifully functioning thyroid and still have masses and nodules in the tissue itself. Or, like me, you can have a thyroid that is waxing and waning, ready to give it up at the least suggestion along with other problems. At least I know why I've been having days where I have no energy what-so-ever.
I just wish my brain would stop thinking of all the things I want to do when my body just wants to make like a slug. For now I just have to wait for the next scan before decisions are made. One of the doctors said I would grow tired of waiting and just want it removed before something actually required surgery. At first I thought he was nuts for saying that. Now, I'm not so sure that he isn't spot-on.

And for those who have asked me, yes-in-deedy-do...Mr. Bran has returned! He came back about 10 days ago, with the Mrs., but no youngsters. Clearly the kids thought more of the summer place and decided to stay. But Bran is now on his regular routine, stopping by for an egg or a mouse from a trap, or the odd leftover hot dog.
Here's the proof:

I have to steps back to the house were a bit lighter after seeing my friend return. Summer just didn't seem the same without him watching over my comings and goings at the barn and in the garden. Thanks, Buddy.


Michelle said...

So this was hernia-in-the-same-spot #2? Rick goes in for surgery on his Nov. 19; the surgeon is going to put a mesh in his as well, even though it's #1. Is there anything I should be aware of to help him keep #2 from forming?

I wish things could be resolved so that you could enjoy doing all the things you're thinking up. At least Bran is back to entertain you and keep you company outside!

Sharon said...

Wow - lots going on there between the two of you. I wish you both the best. I understand lack of energy. It is mean and erodes the ability to think straight. Thinking good thoughts your way~

Tina T-P said...

Glad to hear the Mr. is doing well - keep it up! And very glad to see your black feathered friend there. He'll keep you company :-) T.

Shepherdess Kat said...

Prayers are with you both Kathy, take good care of one another.

Juliann said...

Prayers to you both, Kathy. Hang in there!

Tammy said...

Hey Kathy,
Sorry to hear about all that has been going on. I hope that he will take care of himself and get that thing healed up! My goodness. You are in my prayers regarding the thyroid. It's the pits to have no energy and so much to do. And having the words 'cancer' thrown around can't be too comforting either. Take care of yourself.

Mim said...

Take care Kathy and I'm so happy Bran is back also!