Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goodbye, Ole...

...be a good boy and remember, you're a Sheep Thrills Farm sheep. Do your job and represent us, and the Shetland breed, well!
Ole as a yearling

Yes, Ole has found a new, wonderful home with Mayleen. Mayleen is a grad student at Northern Arizona University doing work in sustainable agriculture. She is researching local, small-scale agricultural producers to learn more about the challenges and rewards of their pursuits and has a particular interest in livestock issues as well as a love of Shetland sheep!
Mayleen moved to Flagstaff from Maine where, among other animals, she had a pet Shetland ram. She had come over to interview me about the sheep. As we stood at the barn, the sheep introducing themselves graciously, she spotted the pen where two black wethers paced the fence line looking longingly for some of the attention the others were receiving. I explained to Mayleen that Ole was up for sale but his brother was in the pen to keep him company. As she started giving Ole scratches and the beloved brisket-rubs, I could see Ole looking into her eyes. He had become a puddle of wool as she hit all those spots he couldn't reach to scratch. He was putty in her hands.
That evening I received an email thanking me for my time with the interview and...was Ole available still? She wanted to buy him. She really missed having a Shetland. It was fate. :)
Yes, I replied with another email. He's yours. So, last Friday, Mayleen and her daughter, Maia, came to pick him up. Mayleen doesn't have any other sheep (yet) but does have two horses sharing Ole's area. He's inside a pen, but the horses live right next to him and have their heads hanging over to visit with him all day long. She'll keep an eye on him to see if he develops any signs of depression, but so far he's been fine and settled right in. I suspect he's loving all the attention he's getting now...much more than I could have given him.
I drove over today to get a nice picture of Mayleen and Maia with Ole, but the wind was blowing so badly (as it does on the east side of Flagstaff) that the two of them got blasted in the face with cinder dust and dirt.
All dust aside, here are a couple of pictures of Mayleen and her new Sheep-BFF:

Looks like True Love to me. May you both have a very long, loving and wonder-filled relationsheep!
... Make us proud, Ole! We know you can do it!


Tammy said...

Wow! That is wonderful. I'm so happy for you, Ole and Mayleen.:-)
That makes my day.

Tammy said...
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Leigh said...

Oh, what a happy story! Sounds like a prefect match.

Sharon said...

I think the picture is adorable and funny that she's wearing a sweater that matches Ole's coat. They look like a good pair.

Val said...

Glad to know Ole has found a good home and I am sure he will enjoy all the attention she will give him.

Michelle said...

I LOVE happy endings! Sniff.... May all our wethers be similarly blessed!