Monday, October 05, 2009

A V-E-T Visit for a Buddy

I thought I would get a quick post in while waiting for Dr. Bill to come to check out Shadow. Yesterday, Shadow spent a good deal of the day either sleeping or sneezing. A bit listless and "gurgle-y", I decided that having a good once-over by a v-e-t would be a good thing. I just don't need a respiratory infection spreading through our 7 cat household. Having two sniffling people here is bad enough.
Shadow is indeed just that, my shadow. As a kitten 14 or so years ago, he was delivered to the house next door, only to be abandoned when the renters moved out. No one wanted him, but he and I became great pals - and have remained so since he first came into the house. He didn't even hold my making him get a "Hoo-Ha-ectomy" against me. A true friend - to give up one's HooHas so you can be near someone. He's been glued to my hip ever since.
Shad is our official "Greeter". Liking most everyone, he loves meeting everyone who comes over, always showing a cheerful nature.
And even not feeling up to snuff today, he's sitting near me, purring. Little does he know that the Prisoner Transport Unit is about to come out of the basement so I can get him to Bill's van when he arrives. It's so windy and cold out today, I don't dare carry him up to the car area.

...It's OK, Bud. You're just going to have to trust me that this will be for your own good. Let's hope you'll be on the mend soon.


Mim said...

Hope he's well soon!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Get well soon Shadow!

Kathy said...

Thanks! It turns out that the v-e-t thinks it's probably allergies due to these incessant winds we've been having. No fever, just a snoot-full of runny nose and sneezing. :) I will pass on the well wishes. ;)

Sharon said...

I would desperately love to have a friendly cat like that. I've had them in the past but since Charlie is a calici virus carrier and very timid, I'm stuck for the present. Your buy is gorgeous!

Tammy said...

Yes..a true and noble friend is one who gives up his hoo-has to be your furever friend! ;-) Glad that Shadow is okay--that is always such a relief. It's been a week around here, with Sage having some kind of intestinal problems. He is on antibiotics now and seems much like his old self today. Thankfully. All this breakdown and I haven't even brought the new kittens IN the house yet! geez.... :-0

Tina T-P said...

I'm glad it was something simple. T.