Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Newbies

It's been a very busy few weeks around Oleo Acres (one of the cheaper spreads). The lambs are growing so fast now and the Lamb Races have officially begun! A few times a day the girls and their babies are turned out into the pasture area for some noshing grass and running excess energy off. It's funny to see the moms running after the speed demons the lambs are - huge udders weighing them down from joining in fully.
It's amazing to me to see each ewe taking turns as the "babysitter". The sitter watches the lambs while the others enjoy the grass or have a long drink of water at the trough. One will spell the other and the process begins again.
While I sit and watch the goings-on I have noticed the boys in their pen. At times I see the wethers and Loki running the fenceline just begging to be let in with those babies to show them what running is really all about. Then I will see Loki, his head gently resting on one of the wires of fencing and looking my direction, batting his eyes. What a ham. "No one's paying any attention to me and I should come first!" I go over and scratch his chin through the fenceline. "Later, Lok-ster. I promise."

Here are a few photos our friend Lois, from Stonehaven Farm, took as she came through on her way to the hospital on the reservation. More will follow...I have finally figured out a better way to load them to the blog.

A kiss for the shepherdess

Lacey and her two, ewe and ram, lambs

Lacey's pretty ewe lamb

Ring around our Mum! (Amanda and her triplets)

Oooo.....wht's inside here?

Proud father, Jehovah's Skeld Loki

These are just a few photos. It seems when I take my camera down to the barn I either have nose prints on the lens or the lambs are running so fast it's hard to get good shots in even with the "Sports" setting.

And, if you get a chance, please stop by my sheep-friend Michelle's blog. Michelle lost the ewe to a beautiful little ram this morning. I know her heart is hurting very much over the loss of her Brava - one of her first Shetland sheep. She could use some "hugs" right now. Thanks.


Michelle said...

Ah Kathy, you didn't need to say that. But the cyber-hugs (and Rick's real hugs) sure have been welcome today....

Robin said...

Aw, I can hardly wait until we get sheep. I've been watching all the little lambs around here when we are driving.

Sharon Campbell said...

I was over at Mim's today and both of us were taking pictures. We also have the same Nikon Cool Pix but she carries hers in her pocket which is full of VM (imagine that!) and now a piece of straw is jammed in the lens, preventing it from closing. Word of warning~

nursedragon said...

Goodness, the lambs are getting big FAST! I'm sorry I have been stuck here in Winslow (weird schedule) - don't really get to come home until next Tuesday night. Take more piccies! More more more!