Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trying To Keep Cool (In More Than One Way) -or- Caution: Venting Ahead

As you have noticed, I have been spending time doing all sorts of things this Summer - things other than sitting at a computer writing.
We have had family visits from New Zealand, growing lambs, book reading, learning to knit socks, gardening, shepherdess-ing, and trying to keep cool in our hotter-than-usual summer, and fighting the reoccurring sinus-infection-from-hell.
One of the problems I have been having is accessing my photos to be able to post to this blog or even to access lamb photos to place on my sales list. I have been using Picasa, which I loved until I updated it and now can't find anything...or I have multiple files showing up.
It's frustrating and, in short, I hate it. Photos I have downloaded from my camera disappear. I'm not sure this is Picasa's fault, or someone tinkering in my photos when they shouldn't be. All our home computers share a home server unit and I suspect things are going on I have no inkling of.
Yup. Frustrating. Period. I had just taken lamb-for-sale photos, downloaded them into Picasa with the intent of getting them online as a few of you have expressed wanting lambs from me this year. I cannot find them anywhere at all. I will have to really give thought to a replacement program and educate myself as to how to remove Picasa while retaining the photographs I do have on that program to a safe place. It's just been very aggravating.
Other than the "Photo Conundrum", the summer is going by quickly here. We had Val & Hugo, our son-in-law's parents, visit us and included them in a trip to Oregon and Black Sheep Gathering. Other than car problems, it was a nice trip. (I did get sick on the way home...) Oregon was beautiful! We managed to stop at Crater Lake before heading cross-country to Eugene.
Black Sheep Gathering was wonderful! I got to visit with friends as well as see more Shetland sheep from other breeders, look at vendors' wares in the vendor tents, and I even got to help show my friend, Lois', sheep in the show ring. I had a ball! That said, I found out I don't get up and down in a show ring that well any longer, but it was a ball nonetheless. :)
It's finally time to get some lambs moved into others' flocks. Every one of them is a keeper, but that is a luxury a person on a small farm can't afford, due to space availability. I have picked out three or four to keep in my ewe flock as replacements for their mums. Hard decisions, but decisions nonetheless.
I promise...I will try to write more as we start into Fall. And I do hope to have some photos to go with the entries as soon as I can find them....

...wherever it is they are hiding...


Katie said...

I sure hope your figure out Picasa and the photo situation. I couldn't imagine not being able to find a photo once I uploaded.

If it's any help at all, I've used Kodak for many years now and have never lost a photo or been charged for the storage. I love it.

How's the knitting going for you? Hope you are learning and enjoying.

Hugs to Ewe!

Garrett said...

Hey I've missed you! Glad you are alive and well. This summer sure has been busy for me too. I can't believe its already only a high of 60 today. Unreal. Last week was mid 90s.

It always sounds better 6 months after the fact doesn't it?


Leigh said...

I figured you'd been busy! Sounds like a good busy though.

I have Picasa uploaded duplicate photos too. It's maddening because it uses up storage space and to figure out which one is actually being used on my blog would be a lot of work!

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

Sharon Campbell said...

I gave up on Picasa years ago. For one thing, if you delete a photo from your computer and it's been used in a blog post, when you synch, it also deletes it from your blog post. I've never been happy with Microsoft Pictures but I've made peace with it. The problem is that I need to spend 8 hours cleaning up old photos.

Anonymous OR shepherd said...

Ahem....there is a program out there that works pretty well; stores, edits, uploads to e-mail, to blogs, to Facebook, etc. Photos are not lost or duplicated; full search function, by name, date, number, etc, etc, etc. EASY to use.
;-) The Shameless Evangelist

Tammy said...

Hey Kathy,
Sounds like you have had a busy summer. It's just been so hot here that I haven't enjoyed much of it. Feel like it's just passed by. Even lambing was surreal, as all the lambs moved out quickly that I wanted to sell and it's 'long past'. Hope your sales go well. I'm really looking forward to no lambs next year, but am a little sad about it too. I use Shutterfly to store my photos. No charge and it's private unless you want to add people to your account. I also have just the software that comes with the computer/camera so it uploads to the computer itself. I really need to do something else for storing that set though. Anyway, either of these works well. With Shutterfly you can set up an album (like for-sale for instance) and email the link to anyone that requests more photos.
Hope you get it worked out, it can be so frustrating. Things are okay here at the moment. Crazy cats and crazy cat lady are hanging in there. They are so much fun (most of the time). Right now my house is in chaos and I hope to get things lined out soon.