Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where does your Vitamin D3 comes from?

So, you take your Vitamin D3 geltab each day, but do you know where that vitamin might come from? Guess. Go on...just take a guess. Fish liver oil? Well, maybe. But read the label on the bottle. Does it actually state "fish liver oil"? No?
If it states "cholecalciferol", you may just have a sheep to thank for your health.

"There are two commercial sources of natural vitamin D3: fish liver oil and an oil extracted from wool. "If a label lists 'vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)' then it is from wool oil. This is considered a vegetarian source (the animal is not harmed, just sheared), but not vegan. Fish liver oil will be in parentheses if it is the source." (6) Animals can obtain vitamin D from licking their fur, and in humans, rickets can be successfully treated by rubbing cod liver oil into the skin."


Recently, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease. One of the markers used in determining a thyroid problem is the level of vitamin D in the patient. Even though I work outside, in the high-altitude sun we have here at Oleo Acres, I was way below the bottom of the range of this essential vitamin in my system. Most folks in this area can work outside for about 15 minutes in the sun and get more than their daily need of this vitamin. It is essential for a number of reasons. I guess I just have to be different, don't I?
As I did more and more research on the need for vitamin D, especially in the D3 form, one item kept popping up in the sites I searched. Much of the D3 supplements are made from wool fat in the fleece of sheep.

It seems we shepherds have been on the healthy track and not known it. ;-) Just another reason to thank those four-footed creatures we have come to enjoy, love, and respect, eh?


libertatemamo said...

How interesting! I never knew this. Sorry to hear about your Hashimoto diagnosis. I also tested very low on D3 (guess I can't convert it properly in the skin) and have managed to bring my levels up by supplementing over the past 9 months. I guess I have sheep to thank for that!!

susan said...

I do, indeed, take D3 as soon as the days become 3 hours long. I will check to see from which source my D3 comes - support our shepherds, I say!

Becky said...

I think I'll have some t-shirts made;
"Have you licked a sheep today?" ;-)
Very cool though, seriously, I didn't know any of that!

Robin said...

I had no idea that some of it came from wool oil. I am amazed. :)

Leigh said...

Wow Kathy, I never would have guessed! And I never would have thought to research it either. I've been reading lots of good things about vitamin D though. I'm guessing I get enough from the sun.

Tammy said...

Well...who knew?? Isn't that fascinating! I had no idea my little sheepies were capable of cranking out Vit. D in their 'wool fat'. I do know that I feel much better to start the day after I've given a few sheepie hugs at morning chores!


klefevre said...

Hi, Everyone,
I love Becky's idea on the t-shirts - "Have you licked a sheep today?" Too funny!

Sharon said...

I appreciate you taking the time to share that Kathy. Ian and I take D3 as a supplement - our doctor put us both on it last year. He said anyone at the 40th parallel and above is at risk for not getting a sufficient dose from the sun. I had no idea that the pill source wasn't from a fish. I kind like that alternative, but need to read the label. I'm sure we get it from Costco - or Trader Joe's.