Saturday, February 05, 2011

For A Friend

Tonight, my friend Tina is hurting. Earlier today, Tina said a sad goodbye to a long-time cherished friend, her cat, Sinda.

Tina and Sinda shared over 20 years together. Sinda was there before Tina met her husband, John, and was her constant companion over the years. I know too well what she feels this evening. It's more than just the loss of a cherished pet, but more of the loss of a friend and companion who shared the ups and downs of life with grace and love.

My heart goes out to my friend tonight. I know that with time, the hurt of this time will be replaced by warm memories of the beautiful times they shared together. And if you wish to leave Tina your support, here's the way to her blog:




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Tina T-P said...

Thanks for your kind words and for "getting the word out" for me - Anne Marie did a wonderful job - so kind and so supportive of my decision - and she came right to the house. I couldn't bear the thought of stuffing Sinda into her PTU and the long drive into town. It was a peaceful passing in our living room and I could hold her in my arms as she went to sleep. Sigh - Many many tears today. T.