Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Still Around...I think

Yes folks...I am still around. It's been a year like everyone has - with its ups and downs, excitements and doldrums, thrills and duds. I have been meaning to write more blog entries but have found myself wanting to be outside, or spinning (hand spinning), or knitting, reading...or even checking my eyelids for holes while "listening" to a tv program my DH is watching.

What I have put off doing is becoming more enlightened on this WordPress blog as I had frustrating problems uploading photos. Some of that is resolved, but it still isn't as easy as blogspot was - or I should really be honest and say I haven't wanted to devote the time to re-teach myself and become more efficient at it.

The sheep are fine...the cats are mostly good except for Shadow showing his age and Pixel is battling lymphoma. The HHWB and I are getting older, getting much closer to retirement and thoughts of moving from Arizona to a place that has more moderate temperatures and weather. I hope to get back to blogging on a more regular basis but just wanted everyone to know that, yes, I am still upright and above ground. ;)




Becky said...

Hello! Glad to hear from you :)
It has gotten progressively harder for me to keep my blog up over the last few months, but I think I may post again in the next few days.

Tammy said...

Hi Kathy,
Very good to hear you are still kicking! ;-) Isn't it crazy how fast time flies by, and how there is never enough time? I thought I would have more time with this year of no lambs...but that really hasn't been the case. Oh well. At least boredom never enters the picture. Sorry to hear about the two -- it's hard to see them grow older and I hate to hear about the lymphoma. Our little furries bring such joy, but always a bit of heartache too.
Take care,

klefevre said...

Thanks, guys...
We did lose Pixel last week. She had gotten to where she just couldn't get or stay comfortable. While she really wanted to be in my lap, purring...somehow that even wasn't comfort giving to her. Our vet-friend, Bill, came and eased her gracefully to the Rainbow Bridge. We did not want her to suffer. She was still eating, drinking, but slept most of the time and even watching Kitty TV out the windows wasn't appealing to her. We miss her very much.
Thanks, Kathy

Michelle said...

Now I know why I got a whole bunch of your old posts showing up as new posts in my Blogger Reader! Welcome back; I've missed you. I know; I should call. My excuse? Raising a strong-willed son on the verge of 50 takes it out of you!

I'm so sorry about Pixel. We will be facing this before winter with Inky. I've been giving her oral Banamine on her bad days which helps her a lot, but her arthritis still bothers her and she is painfully thin.

Sharon said...

Blogger has been good to me. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Nice to see you back :)