Monday, October 03, 2011


Happy National Spinning and Weaving Week!

This is the time to get all those unfinished projects done, the equipment dusted off and greased up for work, and, most of all...sharing what we Fiber-Folk actually do with all those fleeces, cotton bolls, silks, dyes, and...
(well, you get the picture)!
Take that spinning wheel or drop spindle outside or downtown and spin! Invite friends over to share what each other is doing with their fibers after they're spun.(Knitting? Crocheting? Lace making?)
It's time to show others what we do and how we do it! They'll figure out how nice it is, get hooked, and maybe even keep these wondrous arts going.

This is our week to show 'em exactly how its go for it! YAY!!!!!!!