Friday, December 28, 2012

New Beginnings

Jehovah's Red Rita with her 2012 ewe lamb, Sheep Thrills Abigail

I haven't been posting this year for a variety of reasons, some too in-depth to go into but it has been quite the year for decisions and all sorts of "beginnings" here at Sheep Thrills.
After a number of years of having thyroid issues (Hashimoto's Disease), I had to have my thyroid removed last March. Since that time I have had to get used to taking thyroid medication every day and try different dose levels to help me feel "human" again. We're still not quite there, but each day sees a bit of improvement.
The month following my surgery, my DH had to have back surgery. He was home for a while recuperating from that, which was a new thing - he's always been someone who loved working and being at work. I think he was drugged enough after the surgery that he actually did take it easy. ;-) I was thankful his surgery came in spring and not in the middle of winter with snows for me to deal with as has happened before with him. 
We only saw one lamb born on the farm this year - purposely so.  After my surgery I was glad to have the forethought (knowing the surgery would have to come at some point) to just breed the one ewe as a test breeding for one of Loki's sons.
The results were a beautiful moorit (red brown) ewe lamb named Abigail. Abby is smart, an imp, and very sweet. It's such a pleasure to have her in the flock. As tiny as she is compared to some of the others, she seems to always get her way. And Rita turned out to be an exceptional mother! Since Abby was the only lamb, Rita took it upon herself to have the "Lamb Races" with Abby. There Rita would go, off like a shot, full udder swinging along! I don't see how she did it running with that thing flopping around between her back legs, but she was determined to play with Abby!   
Summer came and went with nothing remarkable happening - a blessing with two people recovering from surgerys in one house. I still had ups and downs with getting medications straightened out.
Spinning and weaving took a back seat for awhile as my energy level was so low at times, but my dear friend, Melanie took on the challenge to get me back to weaving again. We both have been working on tea towels with Mel being much more prolific than I. I'll catch up just as soon as I get a few more meds on board to get me back to having more energy. (I'm turning into my mother who was known for falling asleep in her chair in front of the TV before 7:30 pm. I find myself "missing" some parts of programs once and awhile.)
Slowly, spinning, knitting and weaving are coming back. I have definitely found out places in my hands where arthritis has been hiding. I know and heartily believe it's harder to hit a moving target, so I try to keep going (very slowly at times) doing things.
Hopefully, you'll see more posts and updates on the sheep here this year. I have to confess that Facebook has been a faster way to get word out on sales and farm-happenings than sitting and blogging. Yes...I succumbed to the siren songs of FB and Google+. Hit with the "Instant Gratification Bug", the blog has suffered because of it. I am not a person who stays in one position too long, so some days I just check a few things and get back to other endeavors rather than sit at a computer. I have noticed the same trend in friends. We'd all rather be "doing" things than sitting. There are days when I feel computers are Black Holes, sucking up time that one never sees again, with nothing tangible to hold for the doing so. Definitely not like a sock or a tea towel...or a snuggle with a loved one.

So, that's what's been going on here. Life. Just like everyone else. We all know how each of us has been effected by the economy and dealings of Wall Street and demon banks. Most of the people we know hang in there, day-to-day, putting one foot in front of the other and getting through and getting by. My grandmother's advice was how I was brought up and I use it still:
Use it up, 
Wear it out.
Make it do,
or do without.

I think anyone raised by someone who grew up in the Great Depression has heard that ditty. And it has come full circle to new generations. Not a bad thing at all.

Happy New Year to all of you! And for you hand spinners...make sure your bobbins are empty and drivebands dropped on New Year's Eve for luck in the coming year!                                              


Michelle said...

That's a beautiful moorit ewe and lamb! Wonderful to see an update and hear you're all still kicking.

Blogging, FB - it's all computer time....

Kathy said...

She is, Michelle! Just too bad last year the shearer we had didn't do such a hot job on shearing her! I've been spoiled with Penney. :)