Sunday, April 27, 2014

Amazing Friendship!

This evening I was witness to an incredible site. Most of you know of the raven who has befriended me, Bran, and his mate, Branna. Bran has watched over this place very closely since 2006. But this deserves some sort of accolade.
Lately there has been a bald eagle patrolling the wetlands that border this place. I have watched him pass, both thinking how awesome it's been to see him this close but also worried that in about two weeks, lambs will start arriving...newborn lambs the size of eagle meals.
I scanned the area to see if the eagle was around, but there was only Bran, walking amongst Loki and his Boyz, waiting for me to leave a treat for him.
Then suddenly, he disappeared, flying eastwardly. This was unusual for him. I went back into the barn to get feed ready for the sheep. Not one minute had passed before I heard a loud commotion. What I saw was incredible!
The eagle had tried to make a grab for one of the ducks nesting in the grasses along the stream that runs through the pasture by Loki's pen. It didn't get the duck, but here were Bran and Branna attacking the eagle! Normally the ravens, as well as other birds, just take off when the eagle is around. The eagle is the top predator for these creatures and most lay low until he passes.
But, here were Bran and Branna attacking this big upstart who was in their territory! They kept at him until he gave up and started to fly off, both ravens still attacking him as he flew off to the north.
Apparently, when the eagle came across the fenceline, close to the barn, it was too much for my friends. Loud and clearly, those two told the eagle to hunt elsewhere...he is not welcome at this farm.
I am honored to have made friends with these ravens, their friendship a gift they not easily bestow on a human. To this day I still do not know why Bran trusted me the first time we met. He has watched over me almost every day I am outside and seen me through dark nights tending to sick sheep or lambs that come in the night. He will stay until I get inside, then off he goes, home.
There are many gifts in life. But I think I count this friendship as more than his gift, but a blessing.
Thank you, Bran.


Michelle said...

Your label of "amazing" is so true. Your friendship with Bran reminds of me all of Sam Campbell's books. He had such special relationships with many species of birds and animals, and was convinced that this is possible for all of us if we were open to it.

thecrazysheeplady said...

WOOHOOO!!!! I was just thinking about the raven story the other day and couldn't remember who told it. That is one of my all time favorite blog posts ever! And now to hear all is still well and still amazing is just fabulous!!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Was talking about Bran last night. I just love, love, love his story. Please don't ever take these posts down. I love to re-read them. :-)

Donna Lee Clement said...

Wow, what a wonderful gave me goosebumps

Ruby broderick said...

your ravens are your guardians .. how blessed are you .

Kathy said...

Thank you all! I hope to do some more blogging. As sure as I've said that, now I will have other things happen to where time for sitting in one place becomes non-existent.
Thank you for the encouragement to continue writing. I appreciate it.